Vallikannu Natarajan

about me

Vallikannu Natarajan

My passion for design began during my college days. I developed a strong love for arts and animated movies, spent hours sketching and crafting. Especially the moving frames in animation fascinated me. I entered the field as an animator and transitioned into a designer. During the design process, I had many questions about why things were done a certain way. User experience became the answer to these questions, and that’s when I started practicing it.

My Story


I’m a certified Usability Analyst and Visual Designer with over 10 years experience working with interactive agencies and various service organizations. I am passionate about user-centered solutions that deliver inclusive and accessible design to a broader audience and delivering those solutions backed by research and data.

Professional Experience

My professional experience has provided hands-on experience working in agile environments and effectively presenting design solutions to the business team. I have had opportunities to do observation research and gather insights about the user needs and problems and convert the data to a design solution.


My skills include, but are not limited to UX Requirement gathering, behavioural research, competitive & market analysis, A/B testing heuristic evaluation, journey mapping, project estimation and hi-fidelity prototyping.

My Works

Lead Experience Designer // Cognizant

Aug 2014 - May 2017 / Feb 2021 - Present

Delivering human centred digital experience for fortune 500 companies across industry. I am responsible for end to end experience design which include research, prototyping and conducting user testing. My work involves design sprint facilitation and co-ordinating with other teams until design goes live.

I also mentor junior designers and take part in design hiring and presenting design workshop.

Product Designer // EPIK Indifi Solutions

Sep 2020 - Jan 2021

Created an online lending product for Australian banks to onboard customers through a digital frontend and hassle free verification process. Conducted user interviews, qualitative research and interviews with stakeholders to identify and prioritize issues. Developed wireframes, sitemap and user flows for the product. Created designs in collaboration with business teams to iterate on UI screens using Agile sprints. Created prototype in preparation for user testing and engineering handoff.

UI+UX Designer // Rage Communication

Jul 2011 - Aug 2014

Worked as UX designer for several clients. Conducted stake holder interviews, created wireframes and pitching design solutions to executives. Design marketing materials, website interface and branding guidelines for clients.